Starting with the Blog

For a while I was thinking of putting up my own blog. I decided to go for it and WordPress seemed like a good platform to use.

Photo by S.N. (c) 2018

It is hard to say what kind of content I will be publishing on this blog. The topics will be connected one way or another with diving.  I will come up with new approaches as I go.

The basic idea is to use the blog to publish interesting topics that pop up during training and might also be interesting for other divers to read too.

The blog will also be a place to shortly document interesting moments during training and interesting stuff we do and I want to share online. It is supposed to have a little more content than the brief posts I have on the Facebook page. I plan to post once or twice a month just to see what response I will get and I am looking forward to the feedback and future interaction.

Now let’s get some real content on here!